5C Centre for Cross-Cultural Conflict Conciliation
Stuart D.G. Robinson 

Telefon: +41 79 447 8233
Email: srobinson@5cc.ch
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We do
not see it as our
role or right to make
moral judgements on any
conflict-parties, nor on the content
of their conflict, nor the way in which they
have behaved towards each other; consequently,
we are open to assisting with conflict situations of all types.


Our clients range from large and small corporations to political institutions, administration departments, not-for-profit organisations and private individuals.

We always agree fee-structures with our clients in accordance with their financial means.


We are specialised in the resolution of interethical and intercultural conflicts, plus those conflicts which involve high degrees of further complexity.

This specialisation includes offering help to overcome the physical and psychological symptoms which people-in-conflict experience and which are often closely related to the cause and effect of conflicts.


It is important to note that we do not adopt one single, "standard" approach in our conciliation work. The main reasoning is as follows:

Different cultural contexts obviously require different methods for resolving conflicts.

Most of the conflict resolution models which are generally available are the "brainchild" and product of certain individuals and/or cultures and, as such, often reveal more about the way in which their originator sees and understands the world than they are of help in the resolution of other people's conflicts, particularly when the conflicts are cross-cultural ones.

Differing cultures and individuals unknowingly place differing expectations on the role of the conciliator and this in itself needs to be resolved without adding any complications from the conciliator's own preferred modus operandi.

Very often at the heart of conflicts and dissonance lie basic assumptions which are the very cause of the conflict and which need to be overcome if the resolution process is to be successful; thus, they should not be implicitly embedded in the conciliation approach.


Our conciliators, some lawyers themselves, work diligently with the legal profession with the prime objective of helping conflict parties to achieve the best solutions they can, with the least financial and emotional cost.

Also, we are open to approaches from lawyers to help them and their clients resolve stalemate situations and, in particular, to assist in complex, intercultural cases.

If a party wishes to use us as their proxy instead of appointing a lawyer, even if the other party has already engaged one, we will, where appropriate, undertake this role with the objective of reaching an out-of-court settlement.

If litigation has already been commenced, we offer specialised expertise in unravelling complex litigation and in reaching out-of-court settlements.


Throughout the years, we have retained our philosophical and financial independence as a precondition for the neutrality which much of our work requires.
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